I’m a writer, so it pains me to say this, but a picture really is worth a thousand words, and no one is in a better position to understand that than wedding professionals. Perhaps no other industry depends on visually stunning tableaus of one kind or another like weddings.

So it only makes sense that you tailor your marketing in a visual direction.

Wedding Professionals: Targeting Millennials? You need to be here.

But how?

First, let’s ask ourselves, “What are the tools of the visual marketing trade?” Put more simply, “What are the kids lookin’ at these days, and how can I get in on it?”

They are looking at Snapchat and Instragram.

You can showcase your wares on both. Here’s how, besides what we’ve already told you.

Snapchat: Create or Buy and Then Pimp Your Filter

First, if you don’t have a Snapchat account for your business, get one. It’s biggest demographic is Millennials of marryin’ age. The photo chat app that caught on because of its impermanence – photos and videos are deleted after a time – and has stayed relevant by giving its user base fun toys to play with. It’s why they command upwards of $40,000 for certain video ads, which autoplay between videos a la Youtube.

But you can also use Snapchat’s temporary nature to create an air of intrigue and exclusivity, especially if you’re a wedding photographer.

Jose Villa is a wedding photographer who puts some of his best work on Snapchat, where thousands of people wait eagerly for new pics in his feed, which look like this.

Beautiful bride surrounded in fog standing on rocks in front of the ocean.

(presses your face into the screen) LOOK AT THIS PICTURE! LOOOOK AT IT!!!!

It’s there on Snapchat, and then it’s gone forever from the app.

So, yeah. If there is a strong visual angle to your work, Snapchat is a great way to market to the right stuff the right way to the right people.

But even if there’s NOT a strong visual element to your work, you can still market yourself on Snapchat by buying sponsored “filters” and “lenses.”

Filters and lenses are similar, but different.

Filters are basically overlays that users can (and do, for funsies – Snapchat is mainly used for silliness, which you’d do well to keep in mind when developing your marketing strategy) put on their pictures, as well as change things like color and tint.

For example, here’s a “sponsored” filter a plucky upstart known as McDonald’s paid for and availed to Australian users:

McDonald'sSnapchat filter

Lenses are like filters, but (put simply) they go on your face directly and are dynamic so that once you apply the lens to the rolling video, the “lens” elements will move right along with the face of the user.

Staying with fast food (I love staying with fast food), here’s an example of a Sponsored Taco Bell lens:

Smiling man with taco head made with Instagram lens.

Taco Bell made this lens available for one day. They combined Snapchat users’ penchant for silliness with the app’s long-established here-today-gone-tomorrow hook.

Create your own filters and lenses (or have a designer do it for you). Sponsored filters and lenses get results.

Crash Course On an Effective Instagram Campaign

Take a look at this Instagram post from Decibel Entertainment, a renowned wedding DJ outfit in Vancouver.

Instagram post showing newly weds dancing at receptions

This, ladies and gentleman, is how to do a great Instagram post for your business. How is it successful? Let us count the ways.

  • Effective use of hashtags, going with both informative ones (#DecibelEntertainment, #weddings) and cheeky ones (#AintNoPartyLikeADecibelParty)
  • They named the couple in question AND complimented them. Couples (and singular customers) LOVE being made a positive example out of in social media and love being complimented in social media. It makes them feel special.
  • They clearly liaised with the wedding videographer, as the video (see for yourself) has multiple high-quality angles. When you work with the other wedding pros as a team, it pays off in so many ways. Referrals and great captures of your work are just two possibilities.

The result? Almost 34,000 views in less than two weeks, as of this writing. Lots of comments, too. For a local DJ company, that’s a downright viral number of views. Think they’re going to drum up more business that way?

Yes, they will. Now it’s your turn. Get on Snapchat, get on Instagram, and make us proud!

How will you use Snapchat and Instagram to step up your wedding business?