3 Secrets to Accelerate Your Wedding Business

  Acceleration: to increase the rate or speed of something. When it comes to your wedding business, that means more weddings, more income and more freedom. But there are probably some things holding you back from accelerating to the next level. Otherwise, you’d be there already, right? It’s time to learn how to acceleration your […]

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What’s the Best Way to Reach Brides and Grooms?

“I’ve completed my wedding project of 10 songs written for every part of the wedding ceremony and reception. That easily means that I can do 30 emails in an auto response email campaign. “Is buying leads from a bridal show a good idea?   If so, at what price?  If not, what is a better idea […]

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7 Blogging Mistakes of Wedding Pros

By Megan Miranda These days, blogging is an important part of every business; this is especially true for those in the wedding industry. Blogs allow you to engage followers and promote your work. Whether you are just getting started blogging for your wedding business or you are a seasoned pro, make sure you aren’t making […]

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4 Secrets to Boosting Your Leads With The Knot Advertising

4 Secrets

The Knot is one of the top visited wedding planning websites in the world.  With over 11 million unique visitors in the month of June alone from currently engaged and soon-to-be engaged couples (40% of brides surveyed visit The Knot before they’re officially engaged!) its advertising offers considerable lead opportunities. (Stats reported by The Knot.) […]

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8 Tips to Become a Social Media Marketing Pro

Taking time out of your busy day to post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be exhausting. But, as a successful wedding pro, you know it’s necessary. Follow these tips to optimize your social media marketing and drive more leads to your website. 1. Post the Right Content While your Facebook fans may want […]

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5 Myths About Starting a Wedding Business

bridall toast

There’s a lot they don’t tell you about being a wedding professional. And when you start up your new wedding business, you’re going to hear a lot of…well, bullshit from your family and friends.  You’ll be facing the common, painful stereotypes. Check out these myths for starters… #1 – You’ll only work on weekends. Ha!  […]

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Craptastic Marketing: Don’t Make This Dumb Mistake!

Bride walking

Today’s craptastic marketing move: creating mistrust through dumb mistakes. First, my confession: I am a link clicker.   Show me a link and my clicking obsession catches fire.  This used to be a real problem for me in the early days of the internet when I caught more viruses than an 19th century prostitute.  Through […]

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What Today’s Couples Need to Know Before They Hire You (and It’s Not Your Price!)

Wacky couple

Are you giving today’s couples what they REALLY want? I recently attended a presentation by Peter Merry and Liz Daley (The Fun Wedding Experts) at the NACE Experience, Rockin’ Receptions: How to Put the Fun in Your Functions. They stressed that today’s couples want an increasingly personalized experience. Years ago, couples had few options and […]

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