Money, Marriage and Three Legged Racing

Money seems to be one of the main causes of strife amongst couples, and often it is simply due to the fact that they run their finances the same way that they run a three legged race. They assume they know what they are doing, they don’t talk about it, and they assume that it […]

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How Many Bridesmaids Is TOO Many?

Kim Fusaro askes the question of whether there is such a thing as too many bridesmaids. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the subject. However the deciding factor seems to be how large the actual wedding is. Brides will often turn to wedding professionals that are helping with their wedding for help on […]

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Why You Want a Facebook Presence

bride and cp

A lot of businesses are still wondering why on earth they would want to have a profile or fan page on Facebook. In fact a huge number DON’T have any type of Facebook presence at all. So why would a wedding business want to have a fan page on Facebook? What is the draw that […]

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Engagement Rings: How Big Is TOO Big?

Large rings seem to be the rage in Hollywood, and everyone loves to hear how many carats an engagement or wedding ring is. However most couples who have opted for the huge rings often regret it. I mean honestly how many people really want to deal with the ramifications of wearing a ring that costs […]

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Keeping Up with Wedding Trends

Brides often find it hard to figure out what is out there and what they really want for their weddings. As a result, they are often lead by both the wedding industry and other brides. When you are working towards drawing brides to your wedding website, or business you need to make sure that you […]

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Social Media At Weddings

bride and car

In a world that is constantly changing we have created ways to keep up with each other through social media. However there is the question about how it fits in a wedding in a way that keeps everyone in the loop. Check out the blog by Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable about social media and weddings! […]

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How To Become the Bride’s Hero

We have all heard of and even experienced blunders that were made at a wedding which created a nightmare. According to Sharon Hill aka The Wedding Planner Mentor, most of those incidents are things that an experienced wedding professional would be able to prevent. You don’t have to be a wedding  planner to swoop in and […]

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Why Are People Selling Their Wedding Dresses?

You have heard about the wedding trends of how some brides are selling their wedding dresses, and have perhaps even seen them in consignment and thrift stores right? So why are they doing it, and how do brides get a good price? NBC did an interview of Tracy DiNunzio who is the founder of Recycled […]

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New Facebook Stats Let You Find Targeted Brides

FB Ads

According to new research, more than 71 percent of ALL INTERNET USERS are using Facebook – or at least have an account.  Did you see that?  More than 7 of every 10 people!!  Talk about Advertising GOLD! I was curious about just how much information you could find on Facebook and came across this super […]

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