What Wedding Guests Really Want

What Wedding Guests Want

As a wedding professional, it’s easy to fall into a rote questionnaire-esque checklist with clients. “Name? Wedding date? How many tables? What color linens?” And check, check, check mark everything off the list till you get to the end. Yes, it’s important to build relationships with your clients, but don’t let your clients forget that […]

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Hot Trends In Weddings For 2017

By Kylie Carlson, International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning The new year brings a close to the holiday season and our chance as wedding professionals to examine the coming year.  The 2017 International Wedding Trends Report is the perfect place to start to gain an overview of what we can expect to see. Color […]

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Social Media at Weddings: Yay or No Way?

When we started our wedding business sixteen years ago, there was no such thing as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Pro cameras were expensive, and we watched weddings with our eyes, not through the lens of a smart phone. But today’s Millennial couples increasingly want digital proof of their weddings’ awesomeness. There’s an opportunity for wedding […]

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4 Destination Wedding Trends For 2016

By Rebecca Hochreiter, Destination Weddings Travel Group Trends play a major role in the wedding industry, so it only makes sense for professionals to stay up-to-date with what styles are arriving on the scene and what’s heading out in today’s nuptials, as well as what’s sticking around for another year. According to The Knot, close […]

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4 Wedding Trends For 2016 From Thumbtack

Romantic Bride

Unlike most wedding trend reports, which give you trends from the previous year, the Thumbtack 2016 Wedding Trends Report reveals the biggest trends in weddings for 2016. This is great for wedding venues and wedding vendors, as it helps you tweak your service to fit the needs of couples and ultimately help you book more […]

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Wedding Industry Roundup: Ugly Brides, Busy Season, Google’s Mobile Update


All Things Weddings: The Wedding Industry’s Pricey Little Secret – Does quoting the “average” cost of a wedding pressure couples to spend more? Wedding Photographer Calls Bride “Ugly” on Facebook – Or “how to destroy your business overnight.” 4 Essentials to Survive Wedding Season – Don’t forget to bring these items with you! Tips from […]

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5 Common Mistakes In Marketing to Same Sex Couples

Gay Marriage

The marriage equality movement has opened up a whole new market for the US wedding industry. The majority of wedding pros are excited about the opportunity; surveys conducted in the WeddingWire network suggest that 86% of wedding pros plan on serving same sex couples. Get an overview of the marriage equality movement and learn five […]

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