What do YOU think about the state of the wedding industry today?

We recently asked this question in an email and were amazed at the differences of opinion and perspective.

(A special shout out to Penny, Heather, Lou, Marie, Richard, Gary, Shirley, Dana and Diana for your thoughtful replies.  Thanks!)

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn what they had to say about wedding industry trends…and what Jeff and I are fighting about.  🙂

There’s one thing Jeff and I do agree on; you can blame the lousy economy for what’s going on in your wedding business, or you can take charge of your own personal wedding economy and take some action to improve it.

Regardless of how bad wedding industry trends may be in your local market, you do have control over the meaning you give those trends and whether it drags you down or builds you up.  Like I’m always saying, “If what you’re doing isn’t working, anything else has a greater chance of working than what ISN’T working right now.”

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What do you think about the wedding economy?  Do you agree with the opinions in this video?  Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.