Rings and money
The results of our January 2014 Wedding Pro Survey are in!

Before we dive into the goodies, I’d like to answer this question:

Why do we bother with all this?

It costs us both time and money to make this survey happen, but you better believe we know it’s worth it!  We do it because…

  • It connects us to who you are.
  • It tells us what you need most right now to build your wedding business.
  • We learn how we can help and improve.
  • Your suggestions inspire some of our best ideas for new training and services.

It keeps us honest.  Sometimes we think we know what’s going on in your life and what you need and we’re wrong.  You keep us on track!

 Without further ado, the stand out results of the 2014 Wedding Professional Survey.

Survey Results

1) Business topics of most interest, as expressed by a willingness to invest in them:

  • Marketing
  • Attracting Ideal Clients
  • SEO
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Website Traffic

2) Biggest business challenges:

#1 – Not enough leads

#2 – Price shoppers

#3 – No marketing budget

3) 52.3% of wedding pros surveyed make LESS THAN $25,000 per year with their wedding businesses.

It gets me all choked up learning about how little many wedding pros are making…when they really want to earn 3-4x that amount…because you deserve to do what you love and earn a good living at it.

Watch this video for the full survey results:

DISCLAIMER:  This survey of 600 wedding professionals is too small and “unscientific” to be statistically relevant for the entire wedding industry.  However, it IS relevant to us because it guides us in how we can improve to help our Book More Brides community.

We’re making it our personal mission this year to change the disparity between what you have and what you really want.  But this is the hard truth (“hard” for me because I so badly want to make this a reality for you)

We can’t do ANYTHING to help improve your wedding business unless you’re willing to take action.

That’s going to mean doing some work, getting your hands dirty, and most of all, CHANGE.  You need to be someone different and do things that are “not you” to really transform your life.

Are you committed to doing something to get what you want in 2014?

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” — Thomas Jefferson

I can’t wait for the next Book More Brides adventure to begin!

What service, training or offer do YOU think we should make next?  Leave us a comment and make your case.  🙂