Sales Tips From Personality Trainer Vickie Musni

I first met Vickie Musni by attending one of her personality seminars at the Mobile Beat DJ conference. The following year we roomed together at a Mark Ferrell MCing workshop and have since shared rooms at a few industry conferences together. Vickie has a lot of valuable knowledge to share with the wedding community about […]

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Featured Wedding Superhero: Bob Graham, Musician & Entrepreneur

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. It was obvious at our first meeting that Bob Graham, the mastermind behind Airwaves Music and Event Temple, is destined for success. He’s young, driven and absolutely passionate about making a difference with his businesses. It’s a powerful combo that’s made me a confirmed “Graham fan” […]

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Is Your Age Killing Your Wedding Business?

Baby DJ

Question: I had my worst year ever. I’ll be 67 soon – do you think my age is killing my business? Dear Stephanie and Jeff, I live in a small town.  I used to DJ at several of the local radio stations and have been in the DJ business more than 25 years.  This was […]

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