How To Become the Bride’s Hero

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We have all heard of and even experienced blunders that were made at a wedding which created a nightmare. According to Sharon Hill aka The Wedding Planner Mentor, most of those incidents are things that an experienced wedding professional would be able to prevent. You don’t have to be a wedding  planner to swoop in and save the day by helping

New Facebook Stats Let You Find Targeted Brides

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According to new research, more than 71 percent of ALL INTERNET USERS are using Facebook – or at least have an account.  Did you see that?  More than 7 of every 10 people!!  Talk about Advertising GOLD! I was curious about just how much information you could find on Facebook and came across this super cool blog with loads of info.

Are You Investing In Social Media in 2011?

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There are some interesting new numbers out.  Its important to consider these stats when it comes to your overall marketing plan for this year. Social media advertising will increase by 55% this year.  This is equal to 11% of all online advertising.  Do you see a trend here? Will you be part of the wave in 2011? Photo Credit

Wedding Industry Trends 2011: 17 Bridal Style and Décor Predictions

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Now that’s it’s officially 2011, everyone and their mother is announcing the new wedding trends for the year. I am not a trend spotter.  For some reason the names of designers, types of flowers and motifs can’t stay in my head.  When I started blogging, I had to force myself to pay attention to the “little details” brides love, but

Is It Impossible For Wedding Photographers To Make a Living Today?

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I ran across a question on the Wedding Questions blog that got me a little worked up.  Someone (with very poor grammar, I might add) asked, “What is the reason it is impossible to make a living doing wedding photography like 10 years ago?” You can check out some interesting answers to this question and leave your own comment there.

The Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2011

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The Perfect Wedding Guide gave their take on the upcoming wedding trends we’ll be seeing in 2011. Some their predictions are a little surprising.  Here are some of the trends I’m seeing here in our New York market: More mid-week weddings.  This month we had two! Inexpensive wedding favors or donations instead of favors. Less elaborate floral centerpieces with most

Don’t Hire a Wedding Photographer, He Said

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Wedding photographers pride themselves on the ability to capture gorgeous images in extremely stressful, difficult and unfriendly conditions.  I’ve seen enough pros in action to know that there’s so much more to it than just taking pictures…coordination, people wrangling, dealing with light issues, dodging Uncle Bob the photographer and Vinny the videographer who keep getting in the shot… Wedding photographers

Bride Bitches about the Wedding Industry

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It’s not just wedding vendors who vent about neurotic clients…brides complain about us, too. One fed up female lists her complaints against the wedding industry here: Open Letter to the Wedding Industry I think she has a point.  We need to hear from these unhappy brides. Her comments points out a classic mistake we’ve all made… Don’t assume. Each bride

“Just Serve Cheap Sheet Cake,” She Said

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We all get steamed sometimes when people don’t value our professional services.  It’s frustrating when we put so much time and money into really getting good at what we do. Most of the time, I keep my head up and try not to flinch when (clueless) brides and grooms mention things like… iPod weddings Craigslist photographers Supermarket florists Pizzeria “caterers”

No Thanks DJ

I recently ran across a conversation on a DJ chat board about a blog called No Thanks, DJ. The focus of the site ( done in a pretty humorous way ) is to point out some of the less than professional conduct of a few DJs out there.  You could just as easily make a site called No Thanks, Caterer