How To Land The Dream Wedding

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  When you talk or meet with perspective brides are you saying anything that makes you stand out from your competition, or are you saying the same things that everyone else is saying? For instance Tom Searcy points out in his article that almost all businesses will tell perspective clients how long they’ve been in business when in reality, very

Why Calculated Risks Are A Must To Build A Successful Business

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It’s easy to view building a business like gambling. Everything is a gamble; the difference between businesses that make it and businesses that fail often comes down to whether you took calculated risks or if you just jumped into the unknown. As Paul B. Brown points out in his article on Forbes “You need to know how much you are

Making the Most of Your Location In Photography

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You have probably heard the saying “location, location, location” in connection to realty, but when it comes to photography it is even more important. Know your location inside and out. Figure out what parts of that location fit with your style, and find ways to highlight the area in ways that others may have never seen before. For wedding photography

When Should A Wedding Professional Step In?

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So you’re helping a bride plan her wedding, or are one of the vendors for wedding and she starts talking about how crazy her fiancé is. Where is the line in figuring out when the bride is just having wedding jitters, or when the situation is bordering on abusive and you need to care more about what she is going

How to get Attention Through Personalization

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If you’ve been in the wedding business very long you have seen a recent change in weddings from being rather cookie cutter in how they are done, to nearly everything being personalized. This extends down to instant cameras with pictures of the bride and groom on them, and couples creating their own fonts for the inscription on the napkins. Couples

How To Stay In Sync With Changing Trends

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Wedding trends are changing as fast as you blink. The last thing any wedding business wants is to wake up one morning to find that all their advertising looks like it is ten years old. Keeping up with trends is crucial, and the determining factor of most wedding colors and styles is based on the fashion industry. An article by

How Many Bridesmaids Is TOO Many?

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Kim Fusaro askes the question of whether there is such a thing as too many bridesmaids. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the subject. However the deciding factor seems to be how large the actual wedding is. Brides will often turn to wedding professionals that are helping with their wedding for help on this subject as they don’t

How To Handle Potential Problem Guests At A Wedding

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How many of us have been to weddings where one of the relatives, be it a parent of the bride or groom, an aunt or uncle has a personality disorder and does their best to control or ruin the event. Think of the character of Penelope on Saturday Night Live. The bride or groom often know that this is going

Keeping Up with Wedding Trends

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Brides often find it hard to figure out what is out there and what they really want for their weddings. As a result, they are often lead by both the wedding industry and other brides. When you are working towards drawing brides to your wedding website, or business you need to make sure that you are keeping up with the

Social Media At Weddings

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In a world that is constantly changing we have created ways to keep up with each other through social media. However there is the question about how it fits in a wedding in a way that keeps everyone in the loop. Check out the blog by Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable about social media and weddings! Remember the trend to run