Do You Fail or Pass This Test?


The future is uncertain.  When it comes to your wedding business, you might be doing fine today…but what about tomorrow?  Next year?  The next? Or maybe you’re NOT doing so great.  Are things going to improve? It sure would be nice to know whether you’re headed for smooth sailing or stormy seas. What if you […]

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The 8 Secrets of the Kick Ass Wedding Business

happy bride

I’d like to have a kick ass wedding business. Wouldn’t you? Let’s define “kick ass” for the purposes of this article. A Kick Ass wedding business: Is financially thriving. This means making enough to not only pay the bills, but to have some fun, too. Has regular, sustainable income. No more seasonal wedding “feast or […]

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How To Turn An Unhappy Customer Into A Happy One

Bride & Groom

Dealing with an upset customer is crucial in today’s online driven world. One bad review has the potential of turning off a lot of potential brides. However turning an unhappy customer into a happy one can be a bit trickier than just resolving the situation. In her article Jessica Stillman recommends that you take some […]

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How To Help A Bride Get What She Really Wants

Choices. Every bride is faced with a million choices and let’s face it, she really doesn’t know what to do with all of them. She wants a beautiful wedding and so assumes that she wants all the bells and whistles. In reality however she couldn’t afford the bells and whistles and probably doesn’t even need […]

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