Burnout stress
At the end of a busy wedding season it’s normal to feel a little burnt out. After all, months of dealing with heavy workloads and demanding clients will affect anyone.

Here are 5 steps to take to beat wedding business burnout and get ready for the next booking season:

1. Take a Break

Whether it is a week-long vacation to Hawaii or just a few days off the grid, taking some time to recharge your batteries is essential.

2. Relive Your Successes

Go back through the weddings you have worked, look at photos, read the thank you notes and the testimonials you’ve gotten from clients (if you haven’t sent out testimonial requests, do so now!) Appreciate the work you’ve done and how you’ve helped your clients have their dream weddings. This helps get you back in a positive mindset.

3. Set Your Goals

Revisit your goals for the past year. Which have you achieved and which ones still need to be worked on? Get a head start setting goals for the upcoming season, and put them in order of priority. Write them where you can see them daily.

4. Get Organized

It’s hard to be energized for booking season when you are still dealing with the aftermath of wedding season. Clean up your desk, straighten up the office, and refresh your client meeting space. Tie up any loose ends with existing clients. Revisit your prices and packages and update your marketing materials.

5. Set Boundaries

If you found yourself burnt out halfway during the busy season, then you might need to set clearer boundaries. Make sure your policies and procedures are updated, identify the things you don’t like doing and delegate when you can. Review your commitments and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to things that don’t energize you.

Doing these 5 things at the end of every season will help increase your productivity and get you ready for the next round of brides and grooms.

How do you deal with burnout in your wedding business?

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