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Question: Does blogging really work to get more wedding business?

“Good afternoon, Stephanie. Thanks for all your help thus far. The advice on your site is AWESOME! It’s actually working!

“I downloaded The Price Shopper Email Formula. Since implementing this email, I have tripled my callbacks. This is great! You gave me gold! For FREE! Thank you so much.

“I have always wanted to start a blog and now that I have started out in the wedding business, I thought maybe this would be a good topic to write on. What do you think? Do you think it would help me… um… you know… ‘Book More Brides’?”



Hi, Laysha.

I’m so happy to hear about your success with the email template!  That’s awesome news.

Yes, starting a wedding blog is a GREAT idea.  The benefits include:

  •     Attracting free, targeted website visitors and leads.
  •     Networking with other pros to build relationships.
  •     Proving your expertise and value.
  •     Qualifying and pre-selling leads.

However, it’s not enough just to BLOG.  In fact, what most wedding pros are doing doesn’t use even half the power you get with a real money-making, bride-booking blog strategy.

To make sure you get maximum results out of your blogging activities:

  •  Blog EVERY week consistently, 2-3 times per week.

 If you write one post and then abandon your blog for months at a time, this
strategy won’t work
.  Posts don’t have to be long; even 400 words is

  • Use local keywords naturally in the title and content of your articles.

 “Local keywords” are the phrases couples type in to find your service,
usually the name of your area or region followed by your type of service.
For example: Boston wedding photographer, Orange County wedding

  •  Take the time to add a description, tags and keywords to all your images.

Search engines can’t read your images (yet!), so they depend on text descriptions to identify the content you add.  Use descriptive words and include the name of locations and towns in your images descriptions when relevant to get more local website visitors.

  • Add social share buttons to your blog so that couples can easily share with one click.

Your WordPress blog or website makes it a snap to add them with one of these social share plugins.  These buttons can be added to ANY website, and it’s a must.  If you want people to share what you’re doing, make easy for them!

  • Share and promote on social media, especially Facebook.

You can use Facebook apps such as Networked Blogs to automatically share your new blog posts on Facebook.  Your articles and resources need to be easy to find in the social media world.

  • Take the opportunity to include the wedding vendors and couples you work with in your blog posts, then send them an email with your thanks and a link.

This is an easy way to get other people to brag about your post, link to it and share it with everyone they know!

  • Above all, write about topics that are valuable and interesting for your target clients.  If you want people to read and share, it’s got to be good.

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What do YOU think about blogging?  Does it work or is it overrated?

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