How To Check Your Wedding Websites SEO

Hows your SEO?  Not a question most of my fellow wedding pros can give a clear answer to. Here is a guy who can help. I came across a post by Chris Brogan of offering up some great resources for evaluating and improving the SEO of your website.  One of my personal faves is […]

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12 Blogging Tips For Non-Writers

Are you a writer? Just what I thought, me neither. What! How can this be? Yeah, I’m a blogger who struggles as a writer. That’s right world, deal with it! I’m a voracious reader, learner, dreamer and schemer (I prefer strategist).  Whenever I man the keyboard I’m sweating bullets.  I just wasn’t born with the […]

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How Do You Know If Your Wedding Website Sucks?

Man and numbers

So how do you know if your website is, shall we say, not exactly stellar? I’m glad you asked. But you might not be glad you asked. I love to critique. My wife calls me a professional hole puncher. Bring me your wedding business plan and I’ll poke it full of holes. Of course, that’s […]

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