Why Sales Is Like Dating

2 stone hearts

By Heidi Thompson What would you do if someone came up to you and asked you to marry them? Unless you’re really itching to marry a stranger, you’d probably be kind of freaked out, uncomfortable and would look for a way to escape the situation. You probably don’t realize it, but this is exactly what […]

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How to Use Photos Online Without Getting in Trouble


Question: How can I  use other people’s photographs on my blog? “I’m not necessarily bothered about real weddings… it’s more pictures of the flowers, cakes, etc. that I’d like to use, but I’m really unsure about the rules. The more I look, the more confused I get. Some people say don’t do it, others say […]

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Google’s New Update: Is Your Wedding Business At Risk?

Google Penguin

Big Changes (and a Penguin!) Are Coming to Google’s Search Engine Results Every business owner wants to see their company name on Page 1 of Google, and if you’re following best practices, Google’s new “Penguin” wants to help you get there too.  Learn more about the history of Penguin updates here. If you only read […]

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Stop, Thief! Someone’s Stolen Your Website Content


Eight years ago, our wedding business website was stolen. We stumbled on it by accident.  It had the same retro images and fonts and much of the same text, but it was someone else’s domain. It happened again two years ago.  Jeff was clicking around online and landed on a duplicate Book More Brides website […]

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The Secret Email Spam Problem No One Warns You About

Gmail Spam Folder

What this wedding photographer was sharing horrified me. “Our email inquiries dropped. I thought we just needed to do more marketing,” he said. “Then we finally figured it out. The email notifications from the contact form on our website were going straight to our Spam folder. We’d been missing every single inquiry from our contact […]

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4 Tips to Make Your Website Google-Friendly

Google Search

Keywords. Social Media. Blogging. Keeping up with everything you need to do to get your wedding business website in the good graces of Google can be exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. Really, what Google is looking for from you is actually quite simple – be authentic and give your website visitors a great […]

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How Do You List Your Prices On Your Website?

folded bills

“Assuming you list your packages and prices on your website, do you list the cheapest package first and then have them in ascending order so your biggest is at the end OR do you present your biggest and best first on the page and the smallest/cheapest right at the bottom of the page. I guess […]

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Are These Google Tools Missing From Your Toolbox?

Apps Illustration

Guest post by Brian Lawrence With so much information buzzing around about “Google-Tool-This” and “Google-Tool-That,” you might feel like you’re going in circles trying to make sense of it all, never feeling sure you’ve got everything you need! That’s why we’ve simplified it for you. Here’s a look at some of what Google can offer […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Website From Hackers

Internet Hackers

By Brenda Cadman In early March 2014, Michelle discovered that her website had been hacked. She had not been properly maintaining her WordPress based website, it became out of date, vulnerable and consequently she was attacked by hackers. No problem, right? Just go to your web hosting provider and ask them to replace the hacked […]

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