10 Unforgivable Website Mistakes of Wedding Pros

10 Unforgivable Website Mistakes

Is your website attracting leads or driving them away? If your website isn’t working for you, it’s likely that you’re making one or more of these unforgivable mistakes. They’re “unforgivable” not because I’m going to hold it against you (unless you need a kick in the butt—then I’m you’re girl) but because they’re so easy […]

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Craptastic Marketing: Don’t Make This Dumb Mistake!

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Today’s craptastic marketing move: creating mistrust through dumb mistakes. First, my confession: I am a link clicker.   Show me a link and my clicking obsession catches fire.  This used to be a real problem for me in the early days of the internet when I caught more viruses than an 19th century prostitute.  Through […]

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Simple Tool Gets More Real Leads For Your Website

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You’re probably losing leads right now…and you don’t even know it. Problem: Most of your website visitors leave and never come back. Here’s how to know if this is happening to you.  Ask yourself: How many website visitors do you have each day? How many LEADS do you get from your website each day? What […]

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How Do I Turn Website Visitors Into Leads?

I see the same painful mistake on wedding pro website over and over. Most wedding business websites are NOT designed to turn visitors into leads. The best of them are pretty brochures. The worst are circa 1995 nightmares with blinking gifs and flash intro pages. But very few of them are designed to capture leads. […]

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Should I Switch My e-Commerce Website to WordPress?

Should I Switch My e-Commerce Website to WordPress? “I heard you mention that it was best to have your website on wordpress.org.  Do I need to make a switch over? What’s the benefit of doing this?  I read online that you can pay $12 for a custom WordPress.com domain? Does this then mean that the […]

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