6 Steps to be More Effective on Social Media

Social Media Magnifier

Social media can either be a great way to generate new bridal leads or a big waste of time, depending on your social media plan. Don’t have one? Start now to stop wasting your time and make social media count for your wedding business. Here are 6 Steps to a Social Media  Plan: 1. Set […]

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Stop, Thief! Someone’s Stolen Your Website Content


Eight years ago, our wedding business website was stolen. We stumbled on it by accident.  It had the same retro images and fonts and much of the same text, but it was someone else’s domain. It happened again two years ago.  Jeff was clicking around online and landed on a duplicate Book More Brides website […]

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The Secret Email Spam Problem No One Warns You About

Gmail Spam Folder

What this wedding photographer was sharing horrified me. “Our email inquiries dropped. I thought we just needed to do more marketing,” he said. “Then we finally figured it out. The email notifications from the contact form on our website were going straight to our Spam folder. We’d been missing every single inquiry from our contact […]

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2 Reasons Why Brides Don’t Respond to Your Emails

Bride Checking Internet

One of the top questions we get from wedding pros is “why hasn’t the bride responded to my email?” Especially if they were the ones who asked for information – why are they not responding? There are two possible reasons you may not have considered: they didn’t get your email, or they didn’t even open […]

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5 Ideas for Bride Attracting Social Media Posts

Social Media Flowers

You know you need to keep your wedding business social media content fresh, but sometimes coming up with new ideas is difficult. Besides sharing your current projects and real weddings, what else should you post to attract brides ? Here are some ideas for wedding-related social media updates: 1. Love Quotes While quotes can sometimes […]

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How to Get Started on Social Media

Social Media Icons

Whether you’ve been purposely avoiding social media or just haven’t had time to do it, you need to start connecting today.  Having an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Google+ or Pinterest can help to grow your wedding business- brides and grooms expect to find you on at least one social media […]

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4 Tips to Make Your Website Google-Friendly

Google Search

Keywords. Social Media. Blogging. Keeping up with everything you need to do to get your wedding business website in the good graces of Google can be exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. Really, what Google is looking for from you is actually quite simple – be authentic and give your website visitors a great […]

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