Real Wedding Submissions: 5 Tips for Getting Published

By Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting It’s no secret that getting your work published and in front of engaged couples can be tremendously impactful. The challenge? Your colleagues and competitors have also come to this conclusion and the submission pool is now overflowing with real weddings. So how do you catch the editor’s eye and increase […]

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Wedding Industry Roundup

All Things Weddings: Trend alert – Industrial/ Urban Chic Weddings: Industry meets beauty in this modern style of weddings. Instant Wedding Memory and Photo Sharing: Check out this app that allows users to instantly upload wedding memories and special photos while still at the wedding. Baptist Pastor Officiates Alabama Wedding: This Baptist pastor officiated one […]

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How to Get Brides to Trust You (And Therefore Hire You!)

bride with a mirror

Guest post by Melissa Lande We’ve all been there. Every winter we vendors anxiously watch our computer screen, awaiting any sign that a bride wants to hire you for your wedding services. And when that glorifying lead comes in, most brides ask for your prices and then disappear into the vast darkness. Sound familiar? These […]

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5 Awesome Tools to Stay Organized

  Have you ever had so many projects and things to do that you lose track of an important task? Or maybe you manage a team in your wedding business and you struggle with keeping track of what everyone’s doing? Or perhaps you’re wasting time sifting through dozens of emails while working on a wedding. […]

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How to Make Money with DIY Wedding Clients

Guest post by Gwen Lewis I realize the premise of this article seems counterintuitive. After all, isn’t the whole DIY aesthetic a move away from professional help? In some cases, certainly. However, handmade weddings have much to teach wedding professionals. First and foremost, DIY weddings eschew unrealistic ideas about perfection. They have a relaxed, handmade […]

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Big Day Beauty: 5 Ways to Attract Brides to Your Salon

Guest post by: Cassie Brewer Everyone loves a good wedding. It’s a magical day that will be remembered for years to come. However, weddings can be stressful for brides (and bridesmaids). It’s natural for everyone to want to look perfect for the photos and attendees. In many ways, Pinterest, Facebook, and social media have put […]

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How to Beat Wedding Business Burnout


At the end of a busy wedding season it’s normal to feel a little burnt out. After all, months of dealing with heavy workloads and demanding clients will affect anyone. Here are 5 steps to take to beat wedding business burnout and get ready for the next booking season: 1. Take a Break Whether it […]

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How to Use Photos Online Without Getting in Trouble


Question: How can I  use other people’s photographs on my blog? “I’m not necessarily bothered about real weddings… it’s more pictures of the flowers, cakes, etc. that I’d like to use, but I’m really unsure about the rules. The more I look, the more confused I get. Some people say don’t do it, others say […]

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