How To Use Links To Create Good SEO

Google Ranking criteria

  Good SEO on your wedding website isn’t just about using the right keywords in the right place. There are quite a few different things that search engines are looking for which improve your ratings which Christian Arno writes about in his article. One of those things is links. You can have inbound links which […]

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To Show Prices Or Not Show Prices On Your Website

dresses on window

Deciding whether to show your prices on your website is tricky. Most often wedding vendors choose not to show prices as the packages can depend on each particular wedding. At the same time, according to the article by Shane McMurray on The Wedding Report, 81% of brides want to see prices on your website. The […]

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The Facebook Mistake You Should Never Make

Facebook Blue Flower

For some people Facebook marketing is easy. They seem to know all the basics and have great Facebook fan pages. The reality is that they either hired an expert to help them set everything up, or they have gone through a ton of training. There is one mistake which a lot of small businesses make […]

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10 Ways Wedding Vendors Can Use QR Codes

QR code

  Late last year, one of my rather geeky friends mentioned QR codes to me. “This is going to be so big!” he said. My response went something like this… What the heck is a QR code? Google to the rescue! QR code aka Quick Response code (def.) – a barcode readable by QR scanners, […]

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How To Deal With Discouragement When Things Go Wrong

amazed cat

  Keeping a positive outlook on your business can be tough at times. When thing after thing goes wrong keeping upbeat seems impossible. But as Josh Spaulding points out on his blog, being positive is the very thing that keeps you on track to building a successful wedding business. Discouragement is something that everyone battles. […]

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