What Wedding Guests Really Want

What Wedding Guests Want

As a wedding professional, it’s easy to fall into a rote questionnaire-esque checklist with clients. “Name? Wedding date? How many tables? What color linens?” And check, check, check mark everything off the list till you get to the end. Yes, it’s important to build relationships with your clients, but don’t let your clients forget that […]

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The Way To A Couple’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach

Food Weddings

So this story, about an Australian bride whose bouquet was made of donuts, hit my stream recently. It’s just what it sounds like. The pictures look…delicious. It wasn’t the bride’s idea directly, but she did win some sort of drumming-up-business contest with a dessert company that provided the bouquets. This is usually where I start […]

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Be an Invincible Wedding Pro In Any Weather

Hurricane Irma

Hey, do you want to be the most BADASS WEDDING PROFESSIONAL EVER?!? Are you trying to be a WEDDING PRO SUPERHERO??? Then let it be known that nothing as piddly as a hurricane will stop you from performing your duties on that bride and groom’s special day. I am writing this while Hurricane Irma is […]

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Hey, Wedding Pro! Want to Retire Rich?

Hey Wedding Pros! Want to Retire Rich?

Okay, stop! Pause. Breathe. Quit running around your wedding business for two seconds and say one word with me. “Retirement.” That doesn’t calm you down, either, does it? Ugh, sorry. You’ll be searching for your ginkgo biloba and reading glasses before you know it. To be honest, retirement savings is one of my favorite topics […]

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The Trick to Turning Pictures into Dollars

The Trick to Turning Pictures Into Dollars

By Amanda Warren With the focus on visual media online, particularly on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, it is important to put your best “face”. Forward. The ONLY way to do this is by sharing compelling images to attract your customers. Everyone has digital camera in their pocket, but it takes more than […]

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Why I Finally Decided To Hire An SEO Professional

Wedding Business hires SEO PRofessional

After taking Steph & Jeff’s blogging course and learning tons of SEO tricks and tips, I patiently waited for my Google rank to improve…but there I sat on page 8 for freakin’ ever. They taught us that we should not expect overnight results, but, after a year, and knowing I was doing so many things […]

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3 Security Tips For Wedding Pros

By Cassie Phillips Book More Brides knows weddings, and they know how to make it in the industry. Every single article they have on their website has allowed me to get a clearer idea of what the industry is like and what people need to do to improve their lot. After reading this, you should […]

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