How To Book More Weddings In 2021

How to book more weddings in 2021

Hey wedding pro, are you ready for the huge wedding boom that is happening right now?  As restrictions on large gatherings loosen, couples who had to postpone their wedding last year are now on the search for the perfect wedding pro to help make their 2021 wedding really special.  Your ideal couples need you right […]

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3 Tips For Dealing With Mothers-of-the-Bride


It’s not written about as often as it should be, but one of the dicier wild cards for wedding pros and their clients alike are the parents (usually the mother) of the bride and/or groom. How much authority and sway will she hold? If it’s not a lot, will she be okay with that? Is […]

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Should Wedding Pros Eat on the Job?

Eat on the Job

Last year, there was a spot of controversy over a Brides magazine piece which laid out which wedding pros a prospective bride and groom should or should not feed over the course of the big day. Specifically, the writer suggested that, in most situations, photographers ought not be fed. A lot of people objected to […]

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3 New Twists For Creepy Wedding Traditions

3 New Twists for Creepy Wedding Traditions

This week’s inspiration is based on this writeup in The Insider of “7 popular wedding traditions that are actually super creepy.” The writer, Lindsay Mack, is either a master of deadpan humor or understates everything in life. I hope it’s the former. I am amused when editors are such to slaves to style that they […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Business a Work of Art

Work of Art

HuffPost today alerted me to a wedding portrait a bride’s mother had commissioned that, if you’re a pop culture/sci-fi geek, is pretty amazing. It’s like a Where’s Waldo, or, if you prefer, a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. I see Captain America! I see Jon Snow! I see Groot! The painting was […]

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Diversify! Make More Money By Charging Your Clients Less


In London, some folks are getting ready to open up something of a wedding superstore. You’ll be able to buy dresses and tuxes there, but that’s only the beginning. You can order stationary. Test out the fare of, and book, caterers. Ditto for DJs, who will have sample recordings and videos. Wedding insurance. EVVVVERYTHING. By […]

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