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Once you are signed up with all your social media accounts, there is more you can do to utilize social media for marketing. If you are going to have an event make sure people know about it. Whether this is a sale, or you are going to a bridal show. The more people who know about it the better.

On Twitter there are two main things you can do to increase interest. #1 include a hashtag about the event, speaker, sale etc. For instance include #weddingcakesale, or something similar. #2, if there is a specific speaker or Twitter profile connected to the event make sure to include the @ sign connected to that profile name. For instance: @event.

For Facebook you have the option of creating events on your fan page. Make sure to use this, and invite your followers. Some businesses will even offer bonuses for people who sign up on Facebook and show up at the event (think coupon, freebie, etc.).

The general idea with social media is to create a buzz about your wedding business event. The bigger the buzz, the more people will hear about it, the more brides will show up, and you’ll get more leads and sales. Make sure to read the article by Krista Neher for more great social media marketing ideas! Have you used social media to promote an event?

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