Staying focused on work can be tough for all of us. It is so easy to get distracted while doing a task, or to attempt to multi task while working which lowers the quality of the work, and slows us down. Not that multi tasking is always bad, it just can create problems sometimes.

Sometimes we just plain get distracted. We are working at our computers and decide to check the email. Have you ever timed how long you spend in your email inbox? The reality is that you are taking two to three times longer than you think you are. For some businesses they can set that they will only spend 20 minutes twice a day checking and responding to emails. For some of the rest of us that just doesn’t work.

So how do you keep yourself focused while working? Charnita Fance has listed several different web apps that you can install to track your time, whether that is the time spent on a website, or a time tracker that lets you set time limits for each project and tracks them for you. How do you handle keeping focused on your work?

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