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We’ve focused a lot of Facebook recently, mostly because Facebook has made a lot of changes recently which have made wedding marketing on that social platform much easier. The reality however is that of all the social platforms, Twitter is the one that is set up for businesses. People who join Twitter usually do so for the sake of “following” people, businesses and organizations that interest them.

The benefits of Twitter for business are actually quite simple. While you can’t place ads, or have a storefront for your business, Jennifer Null says that the lack of these things actually leads to a clearer exposure of your message. Utilizing Twitter can be super helpful as it allows you to post promos, new ideas, links to your website and more to brides who want to see those very things. On top of that if you target the right audience you have the potential of reaching more brides in your area via Twitter than you could any other way. Make sure to read Jennifer’s article for a better picture of what Twitter can do for your business that Facebook cannot.

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