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Facebook. Like it or not, that is where a lot of brides and grooms hang out, and if you want to reach them you need to be there too. But what is the best way to use Facebook to get leads without wasting a ton of time and money?

Here are 6 articles that can help:

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Wedding Business

Most wedding professionals are setting up their page the wrong way! Find out how to get your wedding business Facebook page optimized to get real leads, not just fans and ‘likes with this video. We’ll show you how to set up a Facebook page for your wedding business that generates real leads that you can turn into booked weddings.

4 Steps to Get Real Bride Leads With Facebook

Do you know how connect with brides and get more real leads with Facebook? Check out these great tips on using photos in the Facebook newsfeed from one of our Book More Brides readers.

9 Ways to Get More Brides on Facebook Without Paying For It

Is it still possible to communicate your message to your Facebook fans without paying for it? Yes, there is marketing that can be done for free, but it takes a little more creativity these days. Learn 9 ways to get more brides in this article.

How to Get Leads On Facebook Without Being a “Bride Stalker”

Looking to connect with brides on Facebook but not sure how? Learn how to get leads by using an effective, non-sales strategy and what you should never do when contacting a bride so you don’t end up with a reputation as a Cyberstalker.

6 Ways to Engage Fans on Facebook

Once you have brides and grooms liking your Facebook page, how do you get them to engage? If you feel frustrated with the lack of response to your posts, check out these 6 tips to get more interaction with your wedding business Facebook page.

Buying Likes on Facebook: Today’s Craptastic Wedding Marketing

It can be tempting to buy likes for your wedding business Facebook page, especially when you are just starting out and want to seem ‘successful’ on social media or provide social proof for prospective clients. But should you do it? Find out in this article.

How do you use Facebook to grow your wedding business?

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