Kelly Sue DeConnickHere’s the truth based on polling on LinkedIn and our informal surveys: Most wedding pros do NOT follow up with the leads on the bridal show lead list, and those who do don’t have much success.

However, that doesn’t mean that this list isn’t valuable!

Here are some ways to follow up to turn that lead list into bookings…

1)  Send direct mail instead of email.

Brides get bombarded with email blasts from dozens of wedding pros immediately after the show.  Your email is buried in a pile of spam, if it even gets through at all.

In addition, most brides are savvy enough to use a “spam email address” when registering for the bridal show.  This is an email they use exclusively as a spam trap.  Sending a mass email may be cheap, but it’s usually a waste of time.

On the other hand, very few wedding businesses send follow up to the bride’s physical mailbox.  You stand out immediately.

2) Send the very best leads a lumpy mailer.

A “lumpy mailer” is an envelope or package you mail that has some unexpected weight to it.  It doesn’t have to be big; it just needs to be obvious that something other than a letter is inside.

Lumpy mailers are particularly powerful because they ALWAYS get opened.  We can’t resist tearing open a package.

Go through that lead list and identify the best locations and the affluent zip codes of the couples on that list.  Send only those leads a lumpy mailer that’s related to your wedding business.

3) If you MUST send an email, promote a free giveaway.

Those leads on that list are ice cold.  Most of them never even stopped by your booth, and your email is spam to them.

To have any hope of breaking through the spam filter, you need an email that gets attention and contains an offer that is 100% compelling to your target market. That means, it’s NOT a sales pitch.

Don’t try to invite them to a phone call or meeting.  Instead, choose an easy, low-risk action that gets them one step closer to booking you.

Promote a free giveaway such as:

  • A contest or sweepstakes
  • An informational report or video series
  • A no-strings-attached gift or prize

4) However you follow up, include a compelling call to action.

The principle of direct response marketing is simple: everything is designed to get a RESPONSE.

Before writing an email or designing your direct mail piece, consider carefully what you want the bride or groom to do after receiving it.  Do you want them to visit your website?  Call you do redeem a coupon?

Once you know the action you want them to take, give them a really good reason to do it, and add a DEADLINE for an extra incentive.

To recap, your follow up must have:
  • A compelling offer.
  • A call to action.  Tell them specifically exactly what to do.
  • A deadline.

How do you follow up with the bridal show lead list?

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