Just last week Pinterest introduced a new feature you need to know about: Pinterest business accounts.

While there really aren’t any benefits to having a “business” account versus a “personal” one right now, if you’re already using your Pinterest account for your business, you need to convert it to a business account as soon as possible.

Bookmorebrides and pinterest

Here’s why:

Pinterest updated their terms of service to now require that any account being used for commercial purposes must be a business account.

That means, just like with Facebook, that if you’re using your personal account for business purposes, they can shut you down. It’s not likely they’re going to do that any time soon…it wouldn’t be very fair since they just made the announcement…but if you value your Pinterest account, I’d say it’s better safe than sorry.

How to Convert to a Pinterest Business Account

  1. Go to this link and login to your Pinterest account.
  2. Follow the instructions to fill in your company name and type of business.
  3. Hit “save” and you’re all set!

Pinterest business account

Keep your eyes on Pinterest for what comes next. The stats report (depending on the source) that 80-97% of Pinterest users are women, and wedding planning is one of the top uses for Pinterest.

The brides are there, and with the new addition of Pinterest business accounts, it’s likely that you’ll be able to purchase advertising or perhaps even “sponsored pins” in the future to promote your wedding business even more effectively.

I’m dying to know… Are you using Pinterest for your wedding business? What do you think about it?