Commercials usually suck.

When they come on, I run to the bathroom. Or Nick and I make fun of the hideous commercials that get repeated again and again. “Bosley — this is MY hair!” Poor Peter Brady.

But this viral commercial had me in stitches!

I love some good marketing.

Watch this classic viral video:

Yes, it’s funny. At least for people with a warped sense of humor, like me.

It’s not just about making people laugh. This is a master’s course in marketing psychology. Let’s explore, shall we?

6 Marketing Lessons From SquattyPotty

1 – Be entertaining, bold and different.

Whether you find this video hilarious or tasteless, it’s certainly entertaining. Humor is an incredibly powerful marketing tool when used correctly.

Most marketing is boring and predictable, a distraction from what we’d rather be doing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marketing can be FUN!

Of course, everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, but not everyone actually does.

If your target audience loves a good belly laugh, give it to them. Make them laugh and win their love.

#2 – Aggravate the problem.

If you want couples to buy from you, remind them of the problem they have that you can solve.

In marketing, this is known as “aggravating the problem.” The intention is to get the prospect into an aggravated emotional state that motivates them to take action.

SquattyPotty (I crack up every time I write that!) faced an interesting conundrum:

How do you talk about something taboo (pooping) without alienating the target audience?

Add a UNICORN, of course! Unicorn poop is even cute. Kind of.

In a serious stroke of brilliance, this video agitates the painful problems such as constipation, hemorrhoids and bloating that we’re normally not comfortable talking about it public, and makes it okay by laughing about it.

Yet you better believe the people who are suffering with bathroom issues get the point.

Wait a minute — my wedding clients don’t have a “problem.” How does this apply to me?

Couples getting married most definitely have a “problem,” even if your product/service is a luxury.

Some sample problems:

  • How do I have a unique wedding that expresses my personality?
  • How can I get my guests to have a good time and talk about how awesome my wedding was?
  • How can I feel unique and special when my friends have been to 8 weddings in the past year?
  • How do I keep my guests from getting bored and leaving early?

Your marketing needs to show couples how you’re going to solve the problem they have, even if they don’t know how to articulate it to you.

#3 – Show them specific benefits using numbers, data and science.

It’s not enough to just say you can solve a problem. Show specific, measurable results they can expect.

For SquattyPotty, it’s:

  • Poop 2x as fast.
  • Poop with less pain.
  • Poop with ease.

They give us a little science lesson to educate us about why this will give you “the best poop of your life, guaranteed.” We even get a live demo with unicorn poop ice cream!

For someone who’s been struggling with these problems, they are SOLD.

Get the attention of prospect emotionally by aggravating the problem; then back it up with specific facts to rationalize the purchase.

#4 – Create a bold, powerful brand.

How did they make a product about pooping into something funny and entertaining?

It would have been easy to sell this product around the science. It’s a compelling argument.

But no one would have paid attention to a lecture on potty habits.

Instead, the company had the guts to be bold, fun and lighthearted about a taboo subject. They are quite literally using potty humor.

As a result, their brand is associated with fun, humor, intelligence, playfulness and a health benefit.

What emotions do you want couples to associate with your wedding business? Reflect that in every piece of your marketing.

#5 – Provide overwhelming social proof.

“Social proof” is the evidence of your value based on what other people are saying.

There are over half a dozen mentions of press, news sites, reviews and celebrities who rave about SquattyPotty in this video. Not to mention the evidence of over 30 million views!

Testimonials, credentials, awards, press. You can’t have too many of these sales tools.

#6 – Sell the feeling, not the stuff.

SquattyPotty is a solid product with a real benefit. But really, it’s just a stool.

Why would anyone pay $60 for it? Or buy “Unicorn Fart” bathroom deodorizer? Or t-shirts with the pooping unicorn silhouette?

We’re buying the way it makes us feel…not just the product.

This is never more true than in the wedding business. Give couples an experience of the feeling you deliver before they hire you, the equivalent of the pooping unicorn video, and they’ll happily pay your price.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Standing Out

From this side of a viral marketing campaign, with millions of views, and millions of dollars in sales, the choice to make the Pooping Unicorn video seems like a no-brainer.

But the owners of the company are real people like you, not comedians. They were scared.

They made this video over the protests of their investors. They didn’t know if it would work, and they almost didn’t go for it.

Watch the story behind the big risk:

If they hadn’t taken the risk, the company never would have become the success it is today.

What risks have you taken in your wedding business that have paid off?

Get specific advice on how to grow your wedding business with a consultation with us!

Nick Storey