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There is lot to starting a business. You have to make a ton of decisions and not all of them are fun. There are a few things however that it is easy to either put off, or miss when first starting your wedding business.

First of all as Tim Berry points out, you have to analyze the industry. You don’t just need to figure out who your ideal client is, but you need to make sure that the wedding industry in your area both needs and can support another wedding business in the niche you want to start. For instance, if you are from a tiny Midwestern town and there are already 20 photographers in the area you either need to get into something else, or move to a place that needs you.

Second, you need to get financed. Whether this means you need to save up money before you get started so you have the money to put into buying the equipment, products, and marketing, or getting outside financing this is not the time to ignore the cold hard numbers. If you have a good budget to work with your life during the initial start up will go much smoother. What do you think? Are there things that you’ve been putting off that you need to take time and think through to get your business off the ground?

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