Repurposing content! This was a huge theme at Social Media Marketing World, the world’s biggest and baddest social media conference, which I had the pleasure of attending last month.

In a nutshell, s-l-o-w d-o-w-n the non-stop hamster wheel of creating fresh content for your blog and social media accounts simply by changing the way you think about your content.

One wedding is a gold mine of content opportunities…trust me!

#1 – The “Real Wedding” Write-Up

So, this is the “duh” blog post.

Not sure how to structure a real wedding write-up for maximum SEO and marketing value? Check out my post, “5 Ways to Make Your Real Wedding Blog Posts Less Sucky.

#2 – Venue Tips

The fact that you have worked even ONE wedding at any particular venue makes you plenty qualified to write a few tips on hosting a wedding there.

If you put a teensy bit of mental effort into remembering the nuances of the venue, you’ve got a blog post right there.

My venue tips posts are among the most popular on my blog and do generate regular leads. In mine, I include pros and cons of having a wedding at that venue, my tips, and a list of other “real wedding” posts at that venue (the one I DJed plus a few from some of the big name blogs).

Here is an example of a venue tips post on my blog. You can see I included a copy of the floor plan diagram as well as a “real wedding” video I found on Vimeo.

#3 – Content That Highlights Your Niche

How was the lighting for photos? Did the bride have a crazy awesome Cocktail Hour playlist?
Videographers could simply do a video post talking about the wedding or the venue tips.

If you are stumped, comb through the wedding agenda…I guarantee there is something there.

Maybe it’s the couple’s love story which can be posted with just one of your fave pics of the wedding on the couple’s one month anniversary.

Remember: not all your posts have to be 800 words long. This could be a bite-size “quickie” post.

#4 – Vendor Interview

Ever heard Steph talk about her “Oprah Strategy?” Well, it works! Use it!

Make a habit of emailing your fave vendor from each wedding with some interview questions the week after (while you are still fresh in their minds) and ask if you can “showcase” their company on your blog.

I created a feature on my blog called “San Diego Wedding Rock Stars” so the vendors get that soft, gooey feeling…but you could interview them about coordination or photography tips, too.

I find that (sadly) about 30% of the vendors I contact for this get “too busy” and never end up answering my questions, so don’t hesitate to contact more than one vendor from the wedding if you connected with them.

BONUS TIP: Obviously, you are going to post all your blog articles to your social media accounts like good boys and girls, but in addition to posting the entire article, also pull out 5-10 “tweetables” or “quotables” from each article and turn them into social share quotes (see inset for reference).

Basically, pull out one particularly helpful sentence or tidbit and turn it into an image by typing it on a photo or blank background. Repeat x5-10. Then upload those quotes over the next week to your Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else.

Questions? Comments? Panic and confusion? We do respond to your comments. Give us a shout.