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I see the same painful mistake on wedding pro website over and over.

Most wedding business websites are NOT designed to turn visitors into leads.

The best of them are pretty brochures. The worst are circa 1995 nightmares with blinking gifs and flash intro pages. But very few of them are designed to capture leads.

Think about how many website visitors land on your website each day. Now think of how many leads you get from your website.

Most of your website visitors land on your website, leave and never come back.

Learn more about why brides and grooms leave your website and how to fix it.

The good news about this painful scenario is that the fix can be easy and quick.

7 Actions to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Catching Machine.

1. Determine the overall purpose of your website and design with that in mind.

What do you want couples to do when they land on your website?

Before you answer, “Book me!” think about the stages of the buying process. What’s the nextaction that takes them one step closer to booking you?

Make that the purpose of your website. For most wedding pros, that’s getting them to contact you.

Don’t distract them by urging them to like you on Facebook or visit your online review listing.

Focus on the true purpose of your website: capturing that lead.

2. Add call to action at top of every page on your website.

One of the fastest ways to increase your website leads is to add a big, fat call to action prominently displayed on the top of your website. The header is the perfect location for it.

A call to action is a command statement designed to get people to take an action.

Examples include:

– Click here to book a meeting.

– Contact me for your free consultation.

– Check here for availability.

– Call me to get a quote.

A strong call to action includes a powerful verb and a compelling offer. “Click here!” isn’t nearly as effective unless you give them a good reason why.

Adding a strong call to action to your website can increase leads up to 591%!

3. Add calls to action multiple times throughout the page.

If you have long pages that scroll down, don’t rely on that header call to action. Sprinkle offers throughout the page.

A visitors might not be ready to contact you until they’ve browsed your site for a while, and you want a call to action ready to beckon them to that next step.

Some of the many types of calls to action you may use:

– Clickable buttons.

– Hyperlinked text.

– Bolded text.

– Clickable photos.

4. Add an email lead capture form.

Your most desired call to action is getting the bride or groom to contact you. But some of those visitors may be early in the planning process and they aren’t quite ready to meet with you yet.

An email lead capture form offers a secondary, less threatening, call to action.

Add a form to the homepage or sidebar of your website like this one from


Or add a form that pops up after a visitor is on your site for 60 seconds, like this one from


5. Send visitors from your wedding directory listings and external ads to specific landing pages.

A classic mistake is sending traffic from your online advertising to the home page of your website.

While your home page should be designed to capture leads (at least after reading this article!) it offers too many choices and distractions. That means you’re not capturing as much of this coveted traffic as you could be.

Instead, design a landing page for each source of advertising traffic.

A landing page is simply the page the visitor lands on. When you design a landing page just for your WeddingWire or Facebook Ads traffic, for example, you can increase your leads by making it specific to the offer in the ad they clicked on and reinforcing the site they came from. This creates trust and boosts the actions you’ll get.

See 15 examples of great landing pages from Hubspot.

6. Give your website visitors a really good reason to take an action.

We touched on this earlier, but let me re-emphasize.

Tell your visitors WHY they should take that action to increase your response dramatically.

The better the reason, the more likely they will do it. Here’s an example of how you can take a call to action from good to great.

Contact Me! – okay

Contact Me For a Free Consult! – good

Contact Me For a Free Wedding Makeover Consult! – great

The more specific and valuable your offer, the more results you’ll get.

7. Make your website mobile responsive.

Today 72-86% of people use a mobile device to access the internet.

If brides and grooms using a smartphone or tablet land on your website and cannot easily access the information they are looking for, they will leave. You lose the lead.

Your website needs to look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer. Learn more about why it’s essential that your website is mobile friendly.

Next Steps to Website Success

No more excuses when it comes to your website, okay? You know what to do now. Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it!

Pick at least one of these actions and use it to capture more leads and book more weddings starting today.

What do you think?