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With emotions running high in the wedding industry there may be a time when you’ll have an upset bride or groom on your hands. Whether you’ve screwed up or you feel the couple is overreacting, it is important to your wedding business reputation that the situation is resolved.  So what should you do?

In this Forbes article, customer service consultant Micah Solomon outlines a customer service recovery method you can use to turn the upset bride into a loyal client.

Here are 4 steps to take before the situation gets out of hand:

Step 1: Apologize

It is easy to get defensive when you are confronted with an issue, but if something went wrong that is your mistake, a sincere apology needs to be given.

Step 2: Go over the issue with the couple

Review the issue with the couple- let them explain what they feel went wrong and what they think you need to do to fix it. You might not agree with what they say, but it is important to listen.

Step 3: Remedy the situation and follow up

This can be hard to do if the mistake is something that happened at the wedding and it has already passed. In this case you will need to go above and beyond to make the situation right. Take action on what the couple has suggested as a fix above, and then add something extra for the inconvenience.
After this has been handled, follow up with a handwritten note or phone call to the couple to show appreciation for their understanding.

Step 4: Document the issue so it doesn’t happen again

Record the details of what went wrong and share with your team. How can you ensure this doesn’t happen again?

While not every upset bride and groom will want to write rave reviews about your business if you’ve made a mistake, handling the situation correctly goes a long way to create goodwill and may possibly lead to future referrals.

Have you ever dealt with an upset client? How did you handle it?

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One thought on “How to Turn an Upset Bride into a Loyal Client”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Once we arrived an hour late to shoot a wedding because of wrong information about the hotel location. So what I did and what the bride suggested was offer her raw files at cost and we shot that missed hour after her wedding followed by a sincere apology. We ended with a positive review and a happy bride at the end.

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