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Have you ever wondered if your writing is good enough on your wedding business website? Well so does everyone else and the truth is that everyone makes one mistake or another. The trick is to catch the main mistakes that turn off brides while not becoming such a perfectionist that you kill the emotion of your content. has an awesome article pointing out the top five mistakes made by rookie bloggers. While you may or may not have a blog the truth is that the main tips in blogging count in any type of online writing.

One my big pet peeves when reading online content is when there is no flow to the writing. What is flow you ask? It is writing in a way that ties thoughts together. If all you have is a bunch of thoughts thrown together you’ve lost all possibility of interesting a bride in your website, let alone booking her. If you just can’t get your content to sound right get a friend to help with the editing process. Everything you write directly affects your online success so take the time to find a way to get your site read well and make it interesting at the same time. What do you think?

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