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Ok, sounds pretty good, right? Let me clarify that this trick is for effortlessly tripling your responses from people who contact you through your listing page on The Knot (instead of clicking through to your website).

I don’t know the full history here, but I do not believe The Knot always had a “Request Quote” button on our listing pages–just links to our websites and social media.

Or perhaps it’s always been there but the introduction of their mobile app about a year ago simply draws more attention to it now. I don’t know, but sometime about a year ago my contacts from The Knot went way up but bookings stayed the same.


I finally figured out that the troublesome blue rectangle reading “Request Quote” is attracting price shoppers, not the high-quality leads that actually booked like I was used to.

The links to our websites are literally right next to this blue button…so there is a reason why someone chose to “request a quote” instead of visiting our sites…they just want a number.

Triple Responses 1

Here’s how I combated it:

Step #1 – Set up a special email account for The Knot.

I simply contacted my sales person from The Knot and told them to send my price shoppers, I mean, contacts, to a new email I set up ([email protected]).

Updating the email address on your profile will not accomplish this (I tried).

Step #2 – Set up an autoresponder on the new email.

I set up an autoresponder on the new email saying, “In order to get you the price quote you requested, I will need a tad more info…can you tell me your venue? # of guests? hours needed?”

Do not ask more than three questions…baby steps.

I use “Your DJ Quote Request – The Knot” as my email subject line…not my company name, not “your inquiry,” etc.

Let them know the precious # they seek is on its merry little way! And using an autoresponder keeps them engaged while you’re still on their mind.

Step #3 – Get to the point while building rapport.

Usually within a few minutes, I get a reply from the prospect telling me the answers to my three questions. I make a sincere comment reflecting on the info they’ve given me (“Your venue has the yummiest food” vs. “I’d love to be your DJ”). Price shoppers can smell a sales pitch coming from a mile away, so talk to them the way you’d talk to a personal friend in need of wedding advice.

After my sincere comment, I ask three follow-up questions (will the ceremony be there as well? lighting? what kind of music?).

Now, this part is crucial. The price shopper is in a frenzy to “get this over with,” so slowly but surely, give them their fix.

They’ve been a good girl (or boy) and answered your questions, so they get a treat…a price range, a starting price, the average amount invested, something like that.

But they don’t get the whole shebang just yet.

Step #4 – Wining—Check. Dining—Check.

At this point, the prospect is now is a conversation with you. This is what you want.

If they answer the second set of questions, they get a gold star, and you give them your recommendation for which of your packages seems like the best fit for them. List the features of the package and put the price at the bottom.

Next: “A wedding is such a huge investment, I’m sure you’re vetting your vendors like crazy–so just let me know if you’d like to set up a phone or skype appointment before you make your decision.”

You see what I did there….yea, you can use it. It’s all yours…copy and paste, baby!

But don’t suggest a time or give them a link to your calendar…keep the conversation going. Let them reply first.

Step #5 – Set up the meeting.

One thing I love about price shoppers is that they generally let you know right away if you’re in or you’re out…and, because of that, it’s not unheard of for them to book without a meeting (in my experience) if you are within their budget.

Remember not all price shoppers are penny-pinchers. That engagement ring can bring out the worst, and, hey, some of us are just research-aholics.

But if you do need to set up a meeting, great, meetings are always a sign of a quality lead, am I right?

BONUS TIP #1 – In the signature block of your emails, insert a one sentence testimonial of your services. You get to squeeze in some “sales pitch” without scaring off the price shopper.

Put the most important 4-5 word phrase in bold just to draw a bit more attention to it. Nothing over the top! Keep your emails brief and have a tone of “how can I help you?” vs. “how can I book you?”

BONUS TIP #2 – If the contact form you get from The Knot includes a phone number, stop everything and call. Now. Why?

Triple Responses 2

When someone clicks on “Request Quote,” there is a check box saying, “I’d like this vendor to call me.” When they check it, a space to insert their digits pops up. BUT when we get the contact form in our inboxes it simply lists a phone number (nowhere does it say, “This person has indicated they’d like you to call them.”)

Staci Nichols colorImplement this 5-minute fix for tripling responses from The Knot and report back to me in the comments below how it’s going!

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13 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret to Tripling Responses From The Knot”

  1. Hi, very usefull article, I saved my bookmarks this page 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Derek Page says:

    Hey man! Great post but I really wanted to just drop a comment on your blog. Your blog has a super cool design. Is this wordpress by chance?

    1. Lepresca Torres says:

      Hi Derek! Thanks for the comment. Yes, this is site has been created on WordPress.

  3. Fateh says:

    Thanks for sharing great information!!

    Mighty Light Weddings

  4. Hi Stacy,

    Great article, thanks! Any chance you could share screen-grabs of an actual series of emails to a real couple? It would be super helpful in seeing exactly which info you put into each email in the sequence. (Eg do you ask them to tee up a Skype/phone chat in the same email as your follow-up questions or in a subsequent email?).
    Also, are you only giving leads a price range/starting point even after they have told you how many hours of coverage they want? If so, isn’t that asking them questions and then totally ignoring their answers?
    PS I don’t use The Knot at all but this post is super helpful for price-shoppers in general I feel.

    1. Staci’s situation is a really good example of testing things out for your market.

      Her advice to NOT go for the phone call or meeting right away with these leads goes against the recommendations we normally give. But obviously, it’s working for her with these leads in her market.

      I’d try out some different responses and see what works for you. I like it!

      Staci also oozes personality in her written communication (as you can see) which is a big advantage when engaging leads in an email conversation like this. I happen to know you have that talent as well, Patrick. 🙂

    2. Patrick Fallon, as Steph commented, most of that is covered in the article. If you haven’t downloaded Book More Bride’s free price shopper ebook, do that TODAY! This strategy is discussed in depth in the ebook.

  5. Winnie says:

    I usually send a list of questions. I feel if they go through the trouble of answering back it is a good sign. Then I ask for more, pictures, pinterest profile etc. After that (3rd email) I ask how they would like to proceed (some just want a price but I manage to get a good amount of appointments. So although I am not following your strategy exactly, I think I do something similar with success.
    Always enjoy your tips, Thank You!

    1. Winnie, yes!!! That is how I am getting the best results as well 🙂 You’re welcome.

  6. Jeanette says:

    I get tons of request and yet very few response. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure. Hope this helps.

  7. Sarah says:

    Soooo going to try this! Sales is key, and I’ve got work to do! Video is one of those things brids want, have no idea how much it costs, and will chuck if it seems to expensive 🙂 Thank You!

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