math confusedOne of the things that has really turned small businesses off regarding marketing via social media is the fact that there has been no way to really track the true return on investment. Anytime you have a small business, wedding or otherwise, you time and money is sacred and it’s important to make sure that what you are doing for marketing is actually working. Great news from Sarah Perez in her article is that there is a new tool called Ohtootay which can actually track your social media marketing efforts, all the way to your website.

I don’t know about you, but when I spend time and money on marketing it really bugs me if I don’t see immediate results, often before the marketing has the time to actually start working. While being over anxious to try different things to find something that works isn’t a good thing (it can actually kill all your marketing efforts eventually), you do need to track your marketing result stats. A good marketing plan usually will take several weeks before you start seeing the real results, but when you are dealing with social media sometimes the results take even longer to show up.

Remember that brides spend a lot of time trying to decide what business to go with, and this is after they start learning what it actually takes to plan a wedding. Give your marketing time to start getting results, and make sure you are tracking results to make sure you are using the best marketing for your business.

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