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Sometimes, a wedding blog can provide even better advice than their maid of honor. And for wedding bloggers, this is good news. According to FactBrowser, 61 percent of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

But without an interesting blog title to grab brides’ attention, the rest of your blog post might as well not even exist. You can have the most progressive package from an Internet provider, such as www.dsl.com, but if your readers are passing your wedding blog posts by your site will never gain the following you want. Switch up your focus to blog titles that grab attention and you’ll gain regular readers.

It’s All About the Bride

Brides-to-be read wedding blogs to make their special day easier, more exciting or unique. Tap into that healthy dose of self-interest every bride has when you write your blog titles. Make sure she sees the benefit of your advice and how it applies to her particular wedding.

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  • The Secret to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Cake
  • If You Don’t Choose Wedding Jewelry Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  • Keep Yourself from Stressing Out by Delegating Everything

Keep it Current

Brides want to be up-to-date and modern with wedding trends, new traditions and ways to celebrate their special day. No one wants to hear about how her dress design was great in the 90s or that her handmade bridesmaid gifts were cute but old-fashion. Tie your titles to current events and modern trends to catch your readers’ eyes.

  • Now You Can Have Wedding Flowers Just Like (latest celebrity wedding couple)
  • Black and White Weddings: A New Twist on an Old Classic
  • Decorating Themes from This Year’s High-Profile Weddings
  • Your Wedding Hair Stylist and Classic Looks that Won’t Look Dated

Curiosity Can Be a Good Thing

Curiosity is how we learn, and new brides need to learn a huge amount before they actually get to their wedding day. Let them in on some bridal secrets they might otherwise never know and you’ll find a whole new crop of loyal readers.

  • Makeup Artists’ Secrets for Perfect Wedding Day Skin
  • Little-Known Alternative Honeymoon Destinations
  • Four Insider Tips for a Fabulous Bachelorette Party
  • Write Your Own Vows? Three Pro Writers Tell You How

Write It So They Can Find It

The most fascinating title in the world doesn’t do you any good if no one can find it. While readers need to be enticed to go on reading past the title, strangers need to be shown the way to your blog in the first place. Write your blog titles so they show up high in search engine rankings, and more people will find your blog posts. Research keywords from your blog post topic, and incorporate those keyword strings into each blog post. Every keyword has a numerical rating, based on how popular it is with searching readers. If the phrase “wedding flowers” rates higher than “wedding bouquet,” for example, switch up your word usage to include the most popular phrasing. Use Google Search or Google Trends to find keyword phrases that are hot right now, and use them in all your blog post titles.

Dont’t stop here!

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