Guest post by Kristie McCauley.

Top 5 Ways to Promote Content
Most of you know you need content to market your business, but are left scratching your head, with no idea what to do with your blog posts, videos, infographics or images once you have them.

How do you get real leads with it?

The mystery ends today.

#1 Reddit

This is my biggest source of traffic from my content. For one blog post, Reddit generated 143 visits to that ONE post in ONE DAY. Just from Reddit alone, so that doesn’t count traffic from other sources.

All you have to do is add a Reddit button to your blog posts (like you would a FB or Twitter button). Click on the Reddit button on your post to add it to your Reddit account to share with the universe.

The other great thing about adding a Reddit button to your posts is that OTHERS can share the content too, so they end up pushing your content out into their universe for you.

#2 allows you to piggyback on the content that big businesses are distributing. I piggybacked on an Entrepreneur article with a similar topic that brought the most COMMENTS to my posts.

Reddit brought the most traffic. brought the highest number of comments.

Here’s how it works:

1. Head over to your fave search engine.

2. Conduct a search on the topic of your article/blog post.

3. Choose and copy the link to a related article.

4. Go back to your account with the link. Paste the link to the article you found and click the snip button.

5. Fill in the popup box info (which is about the blog post/article you wrote that relates to the article on which you’re piggybacking) and hit create.

Here is where the magic happens. gives you a shortened link perfect for social media sharing. Update your status about the article and include the link.

When people click on the link for the article, a bar fills the bottom of their screen with your article title. A few things can happen:

1. They get to the bottom of the article you shared and read your article because it covers a related topic.

2. They skip reading the article you shared and go straight for your article.

3. They skip your article.

4. They skip both articles.

Options 1 or 2 are the most likely (and desired) outcomes.

Here’s an example of being used at Book More Brides: Example

#3 StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon is a site where your ideal clients can find you by finding your content.
Share your posts on Stumbleupon and then Stumbleupon suggests your content to people that have an interest in the subject of your content.

Similar to how you add content to Reddit using a button from your site, you can do the same thing with Stumbleupon. Visitors can use a Stumbleupon button on your posts to share the content with others too.

#4 Pinterest

Whether your biz is product or service-based, Pinterest works.
Here’s how it might go down.

Brides are searching for wedding favor ideas. They see your pin for a guide on the top 100 ways to throw a big wedding on a small budget (here’s an example). You’re a wedding planner, so you’re setting yourself up for big business.

Brides click on the pic you pinned and then the guide opens OR they can click on the website below that says where the pic is from, and voila they are reading your guide. They find a few ideas for wedding favors for their weddings.

They take a look around your site and realize you offer some of the favors from the guide. They buy. They realize you’re a wedding planner in the city where they’re marrying and they ring you up for a consultation.

Now it goes a lot deeper than this because people can turn around and pin your pins, which is how the word spreads, sales increase and calendars get booked.

As a wedding pro, include a pic with every post. Pin this picture to your Pinterest account in the appropriate category. When the description box pops up, fill it in and include a direct link to the content on your site.

Once you pin it, it’s searchable, pinnable, and shareable.

You can also create “a teaser,” where you choose a photo and use a site like PicMonkey to add some text to the photo. You take the same steps to get it on Pinterest and it can have the same effect.

#5 Instagram

Instagram is a straight-up photo sharing site. When you create teaser pics, share them on Instagram. Include a comment with the teaser, which includes the link where you want them to go.

There You Have It

That’s not every way in the universe that you can share content, but it is at least five effective ways you can push your content into the universe, attract visitors, and book more brides.

Kristie McAulley

Kristie McCauley is a former certified wedding planner, award-winning copywriter, published author, and former owner of a wedding planning business. Kristie works with wedding pros to create websites with words that pack a meaningful punch to BOOK MORE BRIDES.

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photo credit: Pretty Pinterest via photopin (license)