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Deciding whether to show your prices on your website is tricky. Most often wedding vendors choose not to show prices as the packages can depend on each particular wedding. At the same time, according to the article by Shane McMurray on The Wedding Report, 81% of brides want to see prices on your website.

The pros of showing at least some of your prices are to give a bride an idea of what she really wants, and whether she can even afford you in the first place. The cons are that it can set unrealistic expectations by the bride as well as have her focus on the price, rather than the quality of your work.

Something that I have seen recently is wedding businesses who will show two to three packages on their website and then encourage the bride to contact them for additional packages that will fit their needs best. What do you think? Is giving a bride a ballpark figure helpful or detrimental to your business?

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3 thoughts on “To Show Prices Or Not Show Prices On Your Website”

  1. Great points, Patrick and Chuck!

    I agree with Patrick that you should give couples what they want and address the price question in some way.

    We’ve done what you suggested, Chuck, by giving a realistic starting range. Then we can get into the details when we meet.

    Most of the time couples just want a basic idea or ballpark about your pricing to make sure you’re not going to cost $1 million.

    I’m definitely interesting in learning how other vendors are dealing with this.

  2. Patrick says:

    The plain and simple fact is people want to see pricing. Think when you go shopping for anything, how annoying is it to have to track someone down to find the price for something? Same applies here. If you don’t have pricing on your site, brides will think you are changing your price client by client….and this is not what you should be doing. Set a price, and stick to it.

    1. Chuck says:

      It’s not as simple as that. If you’re selling products then by all means show your prices. If you’re selling a service and what you do is different from everyone else and your prices are higher than average, it could hurt you, especially to an uneducated shopper. YOU’ll just be compared apples to apples even if your apples are organic and hand selected. One solution is to show your basic package but offer to show other packages upon meeting them.

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