coffee and newspaper

Writing an article, or blog sounds so easy. You just sit down and start writing, and in a few minutes of random talking you’ve communicated your ideas to your audience right? Um, not so much. While we’d all love for that to be the case, writing good content takes quite a bit more work than that.

The starting place is to ensure that you have decided on your exact brand image so you can reflect that in your writing. From there you have to know who your ideal client is. You are writing to them, not to yourself, not to their mothers, but directly to your ideal client. As a result you should remember what type of language they use. Do you sell to high end brides? Then your writing needs to mimic their communication style. Above all else, as Craig Anderson points out in his article, don’t assume too much of your readers. While they might have graduate degrees they also may be high school drop outs. Write accordingly. Make sure to read Craig’s brilliant article for more tips on writing killer content. What do you think?

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