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When you create a business website it is the expected norm to compare your site design to everything else that is out there. Remember that you are in a creative field. This means brides are expecting your site to be creative, full of pictures, a bit outside the box, interesting, and full of personality.

What this doesn’t mean is to put music on your website. I abhor any site that auto-plays anything, and apparently I’m not alone according to the article by Alan Berg about what brides want to see in your website. It also doesn’t mean to leave off contact information, or making it hard to navigate. Pictures really are your selling point. The more pictures you have of weddings that you’ve done the more likely a bride is to book you. But remember, keep the site loading time down. The only person willing to wait for your site to load is you. What is some feedback you’ve gotten from brides about your website? They are your audience and are the best ones to listen to in order to make your site better.

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