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If you are feeling super overwhelmed with your wedding business it might be time to bring someone else on board to help you. Sometimes moving forward with your business requires an extra person to help you get everything done. Before you do that however, make sure you have enough time worked into your schedule to train them. Find someone that can not only do the job, but with whom you feel you can get along with, and someone who gets the vision of your business.

Deciding what you need help with can be tough at first. A general rule that helps is to figure out what you hate doing, and what you feel safe giving someone else to do. If you’ve never had anyone else working with you before you might want to start slow and hire them for only 5 hours per week according to Michelle Loretta’s article on Sage Wedding Pros. Believe it or not, a lot can get done in 5 hours. What you pay someone to do in 5 hours often would have taken you twice as long to do. Are you ready to add someone else to your business?

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