ladies chatting

When you write an article or blog post it’s nice to get comments. Not just because you want to know that people are reading your content, but also because it tells Google that you are an active site that is up to date and producing interest.

So how do you get comments? Unless you can blog about some late breaking sensational topic (and let’s face it, a wedding business site is not where you want to read something sensational) it is going to take some work to get bride to comment. An article on points out the importance of encouraging commenting. If you don’t ask someone to respond they probably won’t. After all, how many times have you found yourself talking on and on about something and no given the person you are talking with time to respond? Typically the person you’re talking to isn’t very happy about it, and a online article without comments is exactly the same situation.

Ask questions, make it easy for people to comment, and don’t feel bad about asking them to respond. Do you have some good tips on getting brides to interact with your content? If so share them below.

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