BooksLarge companies are not always the best business model to look at when you are building your own business. In fact, startup companies actually have some tools that they use on a regular base that would be incredibly helpful to any business, regardless of the size.

According to Business Pundit there are three tools that you need to know about. First of all, get a smart phone! They have a ton of apps from companies and programs that you already use, and you can use it to stay connected with your office, regardless of where you are.

There are also online shared calendars (think shared schedule and contacts to keep your entire staff on track), and using a digital document signer. When you are dealing with clients in the wedding industry you are going to working with a lot of different contracts that need signed, and this allows you to deal with it electronically, saving time, haste, and worry about whether it reaches its end location. What tools do you use to save time and smooth out your business processes?

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