Sales calls sound so simple, like falling off a log. The thing is that you are building a business relationship with the potential client. Needless to say there are a lot of pitfalls along the way that need to be avoided to turn the lead into a client. Geoffrey James has a list of 20 things not to do on a sales call.

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For instance, especially in the wedding industry you have to build a relationship with the potential client, so you think you’ll get further by flirting with the mother-in-law, telling jokes, or asking about their personal life. Unfortunately all of those things are big mistakes that will usually loose you the client. Another mistake that is often made is leaving your cell phone on. No matter what call you may miss, leaving the phone on while meeting with a live client tells them that you don’t think that they are important. Above all remember that you are building a relationship, and that requires you to listen even more than you talk.

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