3 Things Engaged Couples Consider

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By Christine Dyer, Bridal Tweet

We are usually quick to assume that price is the main factor for engaged couples as they plan their wedding. Yes, price is important but there are other factors that are just as influential. I personally believe that these three values can also help all of us to understand what engaged couples are thinking as they are making their purchasing decisions today…

1. Engaged couples value beautiful and unique details.

So, it is very important for your website, portfolio, and various marketing materials to be beautiful. Sometimes it is hard for us to judge that for ourselves. Ask your friends and family if your website is beautiful.

2. Engaged couples value vendors that they connect with on a personal level.

With hundreds of vendors to choose from, engaged couples are more likely to choose vendors that they believe they will get along with. After all – if they choose you, you’ll be spending an entire day together.

The key is to make a great first impression, establish a good rapport and build trust. What will you do during your initial conversations to establish that strong connection? In addition, consider adding testimonials to your website to establish greater trust.

3. Engaged couples value the latest wedding trends.

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