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One reason that people quite their day jobs and start their own business is because they are sick of the 9-5 game. Everyone knows how things work at most jobs. You show up on time, clock in, get the priorities done, talk to co-workers, and watch the clock waiting for the day to end. Entrepreneurs don’t have that luxury which is actually a good thing.

When you treat your business like a normal 9-5 job you have a much higher probability to long term failure with your business. Why is that you ask? Because running a small business and being an entrepreneur is like sports says Brandon Steiner in his awesome article on Young Entrepreneur. If you start getting ahead and think that means you can relax you will end up losing focus and find yourself falling behind and unable to catch up when it really counts.

Running your own business means that you aren’t going to be watching the clock just putting in your time. Instead you have to stay a step ahead of your competition, not letting anything slip through the cracks. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact having to stay on top of things all the time can be exhilarating, making you excited to come back day after day watching your progress and success as your business grows.  What do you think? Is running your wedding business exhilarating?

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