What is Your Why?
“People don’t buy what you do- they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek.

Most wedding businesses focus their marketing only on what they offer and how they do things by listing client benefits and years of experience.  But what is it that really makes you get out of bed in the morning to work?  What drives you to stay in the wedding industry when it often means long hours and lost weekends?

If you are following your passion, you are motivated by more than just money. This “why” needs to show through in your marketing to set yourself apart and attract your ideal clients.

As Simon Sinek explains in his TEDx talk, “Your goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you do- but to do business with people who believe what you believe.”  He does a great job explaining this with multiple examples – if you haven’t seen the video of his speech yet, head over to the TED site and watch it now, then follow the rest of the action steps below.

Simon Sinek TED Talk
Are you ready to revise your marketing angle to attract your ideal clients?

Action Steps:

1. Watch the video of Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk
2. Answer these questions:
  • What drives you to do what you do? What do you believe? What is your “why”?
  • How can you communicate your beliefs and your “why” into your business marketing?
3. Share your insights in the comments below!

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