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Last week Jeff did a really cool little video explaining a concept that is absolutely vital to making sure you never waste a penny on expensive bridal advertising that doesn’t work.

This much is easy: if your advertising isn’t working for you, DITCH IT.

The hard part is…how do you know if it’s not working for you?

Many times I hear wedding professionals complain about this or that advertising that, “doesn’t work.”  It might be Facebook ads, the Knot or a print magazine.

But chances are good that it DOES work.  The problem is that a link in your “Sales Chain” is broken.

The Bridal Sales Chain

Think of it like this: your marketing is like a chain that connects your potential customer (the Bride) to you.  There are several links in this chain and if any one of them is broken…NO SALE.

Watch Jeff’s nifty video below explaining this concept with a spiffy diagram for a great visual of this Wedding Business Sales Chain, narrated in his impressive bass.  Wink

The Weakest Link

Here are the 3 links connecting you to the Bride and how you know if it’s broken so that you can fix it.

CAUTION:  In many cases, it’s not the advertising medium that’s broken; it’s your ad or worse yet…it’s YOU. 

1) The Advertising Medium

This can be a website, magazine, radio station or social networking platform, wherever your ad lives.

It’s broken if:

  • There are no people there at all.  No traffic, no visitors, no listeners.
  • There are people, but those people aren’t your ideal client.
  • Your ideal client is there, but she isn’t looking for your service.

Your Ad

It’s broken if:

  • Your ad doesn’t attract attention.  It’s invisible.
  • Your ad message doesn’t speak to exactly what your ideal bride is looking for.
  • The services you’re advertising are NOT what your ideal bride is interested in.

First Point of Contact

This is where the bride ends up when she clicks on the ad or makes a phone call to learn more about you.  Usually it’s your website or your phone.

It’s broken if:

  • It’s unattractive, confusing or makes a bad first impression.
  • Your ideal bride doesn’t find exactly what she was looking for.
  • She can’t find an easy way to contact you.

The Verdict

So if your advertising isn’t working, is it your advertising medium, your ad, or you?

You’ve got to be able to trace each link in the chain with tracking such as Google Analytics on your website, click through rates, or a spreadsheet of your lead sources.

It’s easy to blame the Big Guys who are taking our hard earned money.  But only when you know where your sales chain is broken can you say for sure that it is NOT working for you.

Have an experience with a great bridal ad…or a really bad one?  Leave a comment and share it.

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3 thoughts on “The Wedding Business Sales Chain: Are You the Weakest Link?”

  1. Kate Lloyd says:

    It’s true that giving a specific time for a telephone discussion really does work. I’ve been using it since the first suggestion back in the Spring in Book More Brides. Thank you this is great, and builds on what you already taught me to do. Better follow is my next immediate action

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am getting great traffic to my site through the company I am with but don’t seem to be getting the inquiries I thought I would. Two days ago i decided to put some pricing up. I know what we all think about that but even with your awesome e-mail to profit letter it boils down to if we are not in their price range that’s it. So I am trying this. Maybe the message when they get to my site although tailored to them is not good enough. Can you help with that?

    1. Toni, there is hope! First, you’ve realized that there is a disconnect between you and the bride. That’s the hardest part. Now all you have to do is find out which link it is.

      There are several things to consider…

      Are you sure this traffic to your website is “great?” Not all brides are created equal. It could be that they aren’t the right match for you.

      Couples seldom know their price range when they contact us. Usually they’re educating themselves with that email or phone call.

      They will definitely stretch or blow that budget…[i]if they want something badly enough. [/i] It’s our job to make sure that something is us! 🙂

      The message on your website is critical to getting them to contact you and then booking the wedding. It’s also where a lot of wedding pros drop the ball.

      I’m happy to help if I can. Just shoot us an email at the contact form here: [url][/url]

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