Growing your wedding business successfully requires more than just your passion, talent, and hardwork. A successful business requires you to be good at making sales. 

Because without sales you don’t have a successful business – you have a hobby!

If you’re like most business owners you probably don’t enjoy the sales part of your job. That’s because you are offering something that is really close to your heart and asking for money in return makes you feel icky. 

To be honest it’s something I’ve never been fond of myself…until I started to look at it a little differently. And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. 

“This simple mindset shift will help you feel more comfortable with offering the sale, which will help your couples feel more comfortable with you.”

Let’s talk about what might be holding you back from offering a sale to your couples.


Fear of rejection

The fear of being told NO is very normal. It can sometimes feel very deflating, especially when what you are offering is so close to your heart.

Unfortunately rejection is a normal part of growing a successful wedding business, and it’s best not to take it too personally.

If you are receiving a lot of NOs from your couples it could be because you haven’t connected with the right couples. Which means the images on your website and the message you’re putting out there is not connecting with the couples you actually want to be working with. 

Fear of coming across too salesy 

Nobody wants to come across as a greedy used-car salesman, and that fear often holds us back from offering more sales to our couples. 

However, offering a sale doesn’t mean you are greedy and only care about making money. If you focus on building a relationship first with your couples they will see that you genuinely care about their outcome, not the money.

Think about your own experiences with being offered a sale. How did you feel when the salesperson first welcomed you in by asking you what you needed. Did you feel like they had your best interest at heart? That they genuinely wanted to help you find the best option for you?

By asking lots of questions and trying to get to the heart of their emotional need, you will not only feel more comfortable offering your services but your couples will feel more comfortable as well. 

Fear of being told our prices are too high 

When your couples tell you that your prices are too high it sounds like they’re actually saying: “You are not worth it”. And that can feel very uncomfortable. You might even start comparing yourself to other wedding businesses, and feel pressure to do what they’re doing. 

Please stop comparing yourself and your wedding business to your competitors, you will lose every time. There will always be wedding businesses that don’t care about undercutting themselves, or who are trying to connect with couples completely different to yours. 

Instead, when you are offering a sale to your couples, focus on demonstrating the value they will be receiving instead of the cost. Help them see how your offer is different from your competitors. Also, don’t forget to highlight what you are great at, and what your past couples loved about working with you, for example: your attention to detail, your fun energy, your passion for your craft. 


The truth is, you run a business

And you started this business for very important reasons. 

  1. You genuinely believe you can help people. 
  2. You want to turn a hobby you are passionate about into something that is going to make a living for you and your family. 

Which means you need to be paid for your services. 

And it’s ok to have people pay you for what you are good at.

So how can you finally stop letting these fears hold you back and start looking at sales differently? With this simple mindset shift:

Old mindset: “I’m asking for a sale”

New mindset: “I’m offering something of value”

By adopting this new mindset you are showing your couples that you genuinely care about their wedding. It reassures them that you are not all about the sale, and they will relax and get really excited about working with you, and they will want to pay you what you are worth.

Remember, your customers are coming to you because you have something they need

You are going to truly help your couples have an even better wedding than they ever expected. 

And if you don’t offer your couples a sale, they will miss out on all the incredible ways you can make the best day of their life even better.