What’s the first question you get asked by a bride or groom?

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“What is your PRICE?”

It’s enough to drive us crazy!  They don’t ask about the quality of our work or even if we’re available for their date.  All brides seem to care about is PRICE.

But you’re stuck.  If you don’t answer that “price question” or if you insist on a meeting, it might seem like you’re hiding something.

Your response is critical because if you don’t give the right answer…you lose the chance to book that wedding for good.

I’m about to share the technique Jeff and I developed that will help you get off the Price Question and onto the path to profit immediately.

The Price to Profit System

It’s a brand new formula we call the “Price to Profit System” that we developed using the powerful psychology of influence to convince brides of your value immediately so they are primed and ready to book.

If you get a couple in front of you, you’re probably pretty good at explaining our value and getting them to book. But how do you do this with EMAIL? It’s much harder for us to educate and convince the bride without the benefit of a face to face meeting.

Since most of the inquiries we get come via email these days, I’m going show you the 6 Critical Elements of that price answer you must have in your email response if you want to have any hope of booking the job.

Dealing with price shoppers is the most critical skill you can have in business.

Why?  Because all the hard work has been done; they’ve already found you, contacted you and they’re pre-qualified as being interested in your business.

All you have to do is book them.

If you don’t learn how to deal with price shoppers you have to work 10 times harder and spend $1,000’s more on your marketing to get more leads coming in.

Those price shoppers are money in the bank…if you know what to say and do to turn price shoppers into bookings.

If you use the 6 critical elements of the Price to Profit Email I’m about to show you, you can avoid the frustration of dealing with price shoppers for good.  You can quit having to explain the value of your services.

You’ll book more weddings and get to work with clients who really appreciate your services.

Here’s an interesting statistic: when asked if price was the determining factor in booking a wedding vendor, 80% of brides answered NO.

Price is NOT the most important thing to these “price shopping” brides!

They ask about price because it’s the only thing they know they are supposed to ask.  They’ve never planned a wedding before and from their point of view that is the logical place to start.  They are trying to educate themselves.

This Price to Profit email makes it easy for you to educate brides and prove your value in the process.

*SECRET:  The more a bride believes your service will give them the wedding of their dreams, the less important price becomes to her.

The Price to Profit Email gets them off price and reminds them what they really want…that dream wedding…by demonstrating your value up front.  They get a taste of how your service helps them make their dream wedding come true…and how YOU are an essential part of it.

They immediately understand your value because it’s connected to the dream wedding they want.  In fact, they will have difficulty imagining their wedding day without you.

The Price to Profit Email uses 5 principles of persuasion to influence brides using something called, “the Psychology of Influence”…

In his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Chialdini explains that our brains are hard-wired to respond to certain situations with predictable responses.

When you deliver a valuable service up front…without asking for payment…the bride actually feels obligated to do something for you in return.  So when you ask for the booking, she feels obligated to say YES.

Have you ever been to a holiday party and the host gave you an unexpected gift and you didn’t have a gift to give them in return?  It feels pretty uncomfortable.

If you’re like me, you probably felt compelled to give them something in return.  In fact, you might even go so far as to buy them a present the very next day!

Well, when you give the bride something of value FIRST…before you ask for the booking…you have created a powerful, automatic influence that makes her compelled to buy from you.

(This is just ONE of the powerful principles of influence used in the Price to Profit Email.  I explain all 5 in the FREE special report you can get below.)

The 6 Critical Elements of the Price to Profit Email:

  1. Personal Detail. This uses the psychological principal of Likeability.  It begins a relationship and conversation with the bride so that she likes you and wants to do business with you.
  2. Free Information. This uses the psychological principles of Authority and Reciprocity.  Give her valuable information she can use to plan her wedding.  This gives her first hand experience of why you are worth your price and makes her feel obligated to book you.
  3. Link to Blog Posts or Samples of Your Work at Their Venue. This acts as proof and evidence of your value as an expert.
  4. Client Testimonials. This uses the psychological principle of Social Proof.  Testimonials provide more evidence of how valuable your service is in the form of reviews from people they trust, brides like them.
  5. A Photo. This uses the principle of Likeability.  When you include a smiling photo of yourself with your email response, you become a real person, which sets you apart from your competitors.
  6. Call to Action. This is use the influence you’ve gained to tell her the action you’d like her to take next.

Here are 3 steps you can take to solve the frustration with email price shoppers and automatically demonstrate your value.

Using the Price to Profit Email lets you book an extra 10 weddings or more per year, without having to work harder or spend more on advertising.

  1. Find online reviews written by your happy clients on sites like Wedding Wire or Wedding Mapper to use as testimonials.  If you can’t find reviews on an independent website, post client testimonials to a page on your own site.
  2. Find a valuable free article you can give to your prospective clients to help with the wedding planning or write one yourself.  It might be called: “How to Hire a Wedding Photographer” or “10 Mistakes Brides Make When Hiring a Wedding Planner.”
  3. Write your template email including the 6 critical elements: Personal Detail, Free Information, Testimonials, Samples of Your Work or Blog Post, a Photo and a Call To Action.  Use this as a response to email requests for your price.

The Price to Profit Email has allowed Jeff and me to automatically book more weddings with less effort.  I’ve even converted “tire kickers” who originally wanted an iPod wedding…and ended up spending a premium for our DJ services!

Take Action

The email formula we’ve discovered is extremely powerful and effective.  I’ve shared the key components…but it will only work for you if you take action.

I really want you to act RIGHT NOW, so I’m going to make it super easy for you.  I’m going to give you my special report “The Price to Profit Email: How to Convince a Bride of Your Value Immediately So She’s Primed and Ready to Book…” the Price to Profit email template, and an article you can give to your brides as free information, all for FREE.

Here’s what to do right now to increase your bookings and stop the frustration of price shopping for good…

  • Enter your name and email at the link below so that I can send you a FREE copy of the Price to Profit Email template, the Price to Profit Email Special Report and your informational article “8 Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Professional Before Booking.”
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  • Use your customized Price to Profit Email the next time you get one of those “price shopping” email inquiries.

“Enter Your Name and Email Below to get the Price Shopper Email Response Immediately…”

WARNING:  There is a catch…

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Deal?  GOOD.

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