There’s no arguing this fact: infographics are one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate viral promotion for your wedding business.

What the heck is an infographic, you ask?

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data, such as the one above.

Posts containing an infographic get more pageviews, shares and retweets, getting an average of over 449% more engagement actions!  (Statistics reported by Bit Rebels.)

When you create an interesting or informative wedding-related infographic that’s branded with your business and website, brides and grooms will share it and multiply your promotional efforts effortlessly.

When Jon Sharp of Booth Pix realized that how many people were searching for infographics, he seized an untapped opportunity and jumped into the infographics game.  Here are the results for his photo booth hire business.

Traditional Post Results

Twitter – 1 tweet, a few local retweets

Facebook – 2 shares/recommends

(That’s on a really good day.)

Now let’s compare this to his infographic post.

Infographic Post Results

Facebook – 4 post shares, 15 likes in various groups

Twitter – 20 direct tweets

LinkedIn – 16 shares

StumbleUpon – 17 stumbles

Google Plus – 4 shares

That’s a total of 76 actions instead of the 3 actions generated by a typical post, or a 2500% improvement!

“More importantly,” Jon reports, “It directly helped a couple of bookings.  That doesn’t happen with an ordinary blog or video; the second one came in today.”

The Verdict Is In: Infographics Rock!

This is a real wedding business, just like yours and mine.  It’s an example of the tremendous impact one single infographic can have in terms of spreading the word about your business.

Jon plans to keep sharing his infographic on social media by tweeting, sharing on Pinterest and Reddit.  This is key to creating a viral infographic; you’ve got to spread the word so that people can find it, share it and spread the word some more.

Next step: how to create your own infographic the easy way.  (Coming soon!)

What do you think about infographics?